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Abercrombie & Kent

Digital design

Making luxury travel more luxurious

This is the winning pitch design for a luxury travel boutique website. Stunning black & white images give a taste for the many exclusive breaks Abercrombie & Kent can arrange. The site has been designed to be responsive, ensuring it looks just as beautiful on a mobile or tablet as it does on the big screen.

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There were two key challenges to this project. The first; how to distinguish the Private Travel brand from the well established Abercrombie & Kent brand without losing any of its heritage and attached prestige. The solution; develop a distinctive image style. Using high contrast black and white photography is unusual within the travel sector where it is usually all about blue skies and golden sands. This has helped set it apart not only in all its digital marketing but also in advertising and printed materials.


The second challenge; how to structure a website promoting luxury travel who's selling point is that it has no structure. If you can dream it, they can make it happen. The solution; offer just a taster of what is on offer and allow the discerning traveler to search via either the experience or the area of the world that interests them.

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Designed to be fully responsive and offer just as much visual impact on mobile as on desktop

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