Illustrations for various projects

London's SEI district has a rich and diverse history. These are a series of illustrations that feature in a calendar sent out every quarter on behalf of a design agency to celebrate this.

Illustration of Borough Market

Borough market

Traders have been selling grain, fish, vegetables and livestock in London Bridge from as far back as the 13th century and a market has existed here ever since.

Illustration of Herb Garret museum

The Herb Garret museum

In the 1800’s, the herb garret was used by the operating theatres of Old St Thomas hospital to grow and store all of the herbs used in curing patients.

Illustrationof stained glass window in Soutwark cathedral

Southwark Cathedral

A window to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, dedicated in June 2012.

Infographic on construction of The Shard
Illustration of coconut seller's sign

My year in review

Graphics from a short animation reviewing my working life for 2016

Illustration summing up my year

What did we spend our money on in 2016?

Illustrations for a blog on retail trends

Illustration from short video on retail trends