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The Content type

Branding and digital design

Creating an identity with personality

This new start-up company was looking for a distinctive brand to reflect their quirky personality. The identity needed to be flexible enough to grow with the company as it expands. It also needed to offer great stand out across social media. And so The Content Type was born… 

A classic typographic logo combined with a playful tone of voice and bright colour palette. This brand allows for endless typographic patterns to be created helping to keep it fresh, fun and ever-evolving. It’s also easy to produce, meaning the Content Type can easily create all of their own materials without the need or expense of getting a designer involved.

A set of basic brand guidelines

The Content Type family has now grown to include an online community with mentoring. This is branded as The Society of Ink Slingers and has it's own suitably bold and irreverent identity to set it apart. 

Julie! Amazing! Thank you soooo much for the logos. Love them all, of course. You've done an amazing amount of work, so thank you very much. Now can't bloody decide because they're all brilliant."

Lauren McMenemy, The Content Type



My 85-second pitch...

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