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SRP Maintenance

Branding and marketing

Creating a flexible and cohesive brand

SRP Maintenance is part of the SRP family of brands that provide landlords, housing associations and home owners with everything they need to safeguard their properties. The SRP philosophy is built around 'making life a breeze'. The new brand is a fresh take on their previous dandelion imagery. 

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The bold dandelion graphic has been incorporated into all of the sub brands to provide an instantly recognisable suite of logos. Bright colours and simple iconography are carried across all of the marketing materials giving everything wide appeal to both public sector clients and homeowners. It is a brand built around trust and reliability.

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The iconic brand and friendly approach has been rolled out across workwear, vans, marketing materials and a new website that brings all of the services into one easily bookable place.

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Thank you so much for the latest stuff. I sent it to Paul and...

Well he actually swore, so I won't repeat it. He only does that when he is proper impressed. So suffice to say he absolutely loved it all. I mean, REALLY loved it all!"

Sarah McInerney, Words by Sarah Mac