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Freelance design without the drama

Available now for freelance projects

I’m Julie Nicholls, a freelance designer based in Southend, Essex. I work remotely for design, digital and media agencies whenever they need a little extra help. I also work directly with all kinds of businesses to help them connect with their audiences through good design. 


I’ve got years of experience (check out my CV below if that’s your thing), am business-minded, flexible, organised, calm under pressure and you can judge my creativity for yourself. However, I save the drama for my designs, not the process of creating them.


Take a look at some recommendations from a few of my clients if you are wondering what I would be like to work with.​

If you are looking for design support or advice, let’s chat. Here are just a few of the things I can help with:

> Branding, brand strategy and guidelines

> Design for print, brochures and reports

> Advertising and marketing materials

> Presentation materials

> Infographics and social media graphics

> Artwork

> Ongoing design or marketing support