Design without the drama

Available now for freelance projects

I’m a freelance designer based in Southend, Essex and I help businesses of all shapes and sizes connect with their audiences through good design. 

I love the challenge of coming up with that killer idea. The one that sets your pulse racing a little faster. Design that appears effortless.


I’ve got years of experience (check out my CV below if that’s your thing), am business-minded, flexible, organised, calm under pressure and you can judge my creativity for yourself. However, I save the drama for my designs, not the process of creating them. Take a look at some recommendations from a few of my clients if you are wondering what I would be like to work with.‚Äč

If you are looking for design support or advice, let’s chat. Here are just a few of the things I can help with:

> Branding, brand strategy and guidelines

> Design for print, brochures and reports

> Advertising and marketing materials

> Presentation materials

> Artwork

> Ongoing design or marketing support



My 90-second pitch...

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