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Brand guidelines

Creating clear, concise and compelling sets of guidelines 

Once you release your brand on the world you need to be sure it is seen in the best light wherever it appears. Consistency is key. That is where a set of easy to follow brand guidelines come in. They should provide clear guidance on how all of the elements of your brand come together. From imagery and patterns to colours and fonts, even tone of voice, every aspect should be considered. 

AP_Brand Guidelines_CED logo_x.png

Comprehensive brand guidelines and illustrations for a natural stone company
Work created on behalf of Acumen Design

AP_Brand Guidelines_CED Brand guidelines
AP_Brand Guidelines_CED Brand guidelines
OneLondon logo.png

Brand guidelines for an existing logo
Work created on behalf of Verve Communications

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OneLondon brand guidelines 3.png
OneLondon brand guidelines 4.png
OneLondon brand guidelines 5.png
AP_Brand Guidelines_BA logo_x.png

Brand guidelines, patterns and icons for a branded merchandising company

AP_Brand Guidelines_BA Brand guidelines_
MHA logo.png

Brand guidelines, patterns and image library for chartered accountants

AP_Brand Guidelines_MHA Brand guidelines