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Brand image for Vanguard Voices featuring confident woman

Vanguard Voices

Branding, social posts and website design

Helping people find their voice in the workplace

Vanguard Voices is an action-focused, not-for-profit network that is on a mission to raise the topic of psychological safety worldwide. It aims to support employees through difficult workplace situations, share personal experiences from members and provide opportunities for sustainable transformation in companies. To help achieve this, the brand needed to be bold, brave and unconventional...

Logo design and branding for Vanguard Voices
Logo design colour variants for Vanguard Voices

A vibrant colour palette and distinctive typography ensure the brand feels approachable and uplifting. It has been developed to give great stand out on social platforms making use of stats, infographics quotes and cartoons to get the Vanguard message heard and, over time, build a strong and recognisable brand.

One page brand guidelines for Vanguard Voices
Design and artwork for social posts featuring cartoons, statistics and quotes for Vanguard Voices
Design for social posts for Vanguard voices faturing series of cartoons
Design for social posts for Vanguard voices faturing series of bold headhots
Design for a LinkedIn carousel for Vanguard Voices
Email newsletter template design and branding for Vanguard Voices
Toolkit template for pitching Vanguard Voices and its mission

Thank you for the excellent work you produce, I couldn't have done it without you. You have been a source of grounded wisdom for me and I trust your words and thoughts immensely. You are one of the few I worked with who really sees Vanguard Voices - the spirit and energy it's meant to be. You have so much talent.

Jessica Bensch - Vanguard Voices

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