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Jolly Parrot Sailing


Creating personality for a sailing company

Character creation, brand design, boat livery and marketing materials for a new sailing company based in Gibraltar.

Designed to make this sailing school stand out from its competitors both on and off the water, Jolly Parrot has a cheeky, fun and approachable personality.

Sketches of initial parrot character branding ideas
Design for Jolly Parrot Sailing logo featuring quirky illustration of parrot
Branded yacht sailing around Gibralta showing Jolly Parrot logo design
Branded yacht showing Jolly Parrot logo design with Gibralta in background
Tshirt designs showing Jolly Parrot logo design and 'Team Jolly' marketing message
Design for mug featuring Jolly Parrot branding and 'Jolly Hot' marketing message
I think I’m falling in love with Jolly! Just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent logo and the extra promotional ideas too. I love the way that it stands out from competitors and the fact that it’s really ‘in your face’ out of the water."

Clive Dodd - Jolly Parrot Sailing

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