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2016 in 77 seconds

Illustration of my year

As the year draws to a close the TV schedule and newspapers seem to be full of 2016 reviews. The highs and lows, the expected and the unexpected. From Brexit to Trump and Prince to Bowie the media is doing it’s best to distil the year down into a 2-minute video or a 30-second soundbite. That’s no easy undertaking.

All of this made me think back on my own year and the highs and lows of my work life. I thought I would see how easy it would be to convey that in an engaging way in just 60 seconds. So I failed that. It’s actually 77 seconds but it’s been an eventful year!

As I have spent the year explaining the power of good storytelling to clients and helping them find the best way of conveying theirs in an engaging way, I thought I had better take on board my own advice. This year has seen an unprecedented rise in video content across social media and can be a great way for a brand to get across its message or personality in a succinct way. So here’s my first foray into animation with my own story…

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