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Build the drama


Storytelling is about painting pictures. It's about being able to convey to your reader an image that transports them somewhere else. That moves them. That angers them. That makes them laugh out loud. Or even makes them buy something from you. It's about trust and belief and it's about taking them on a journey. But it's not just about the words you use - it's also about how you use them. Sentences. They can be a powerful thing so use them wisely.

Not convinced? Here's a helpful graphic that a writer friend of mine posted on social media the other day. It demonstrates the power of pace. The difference varying sentence length can make in building drama. And sometimes drama's good.

Passage of highlighted text

I tried to find the original source for the quote. The credit goes to Gary Provost, who according to Google, is the author of '100 ways to improve your writing'. I'm not sure I'm ready for 100 things, but this one I am certainly going to keep in mind. I shared the original post on my own social media and had someone who works at a primary school tell me she was going to show it to her Year 6 class. Seems you are never too young to learn the art of storytelling. Now where's the cymbals...

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