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Creative commuting

Overhead train wires

7 days, 14 trains, 6 buses, 4 tubes and one camera phone.

Commuting to central London every day, I spend a lot of time traveling. 16.5 hours in the last week I have calculated. And that was an average week with no adverse weather or passenger incidents. It’s a lot of time that can easily become just a blur of napping, reading or watching TV on my phone. Sometimes I arrive at work with no recollection of my journey. So last week I thought I would make a special effort to try and be inspired by my surroundings rather than depressed by them.

Here are the results. If nothing else it passed some time and made me try and get a bit more creative to make the mundane commute look a little more exciting.

Station platform

Open close button on train

Train seat fabric

Wet pavement

Kindle screen

Double decker bus in rain

Train station concourse

London buildings at night

Abstract shot through bus window

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