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Getting the point across

Infographic of entertainment in London

There's no denying the power of a well-designed infographic. According to Hubspot, research has shown that they are 'liked' and shared 3x more often than any other form of content. Part of the reason for this is their power to convey sometimes complex data, in a more digestible and engaging way. However great you think your information is, when people hear it, they're only likely to remember about 10% of it three days later. When combined with relevant graphics people remember around 65% of that same information three days later.

Based on those statistics, I guess it's not surprising that I have been asked to create quite a number recently. When done well they can form a strong part of any marketing strategy and should be a key consideration for any brand looking to connect with their audience. Just make sure the content is relevant, well designed and has the right tone of voice for your brand.

Here's just a few examples that I've created for all sorts of clients in the past.

London facts as infographics

Series of infographics for London & Partners to promote London as a great place for International companies to invest.

Spread from Ofcom annual report

Spread from the Ofcom Annual Report.

Posters for Lloyds of London

Information posters for Lloyds of London.

Series of stats

Online data reporting for reputation management company.

Spread from charity report

Report into the challenges facing charities.

Spread for business school prospectus

Spread from Cass Business School prospectus.

I even created my own animated infographic summing up my year last year in just 77 seconds...

If you would like help creating some attention grabbing graphics for your own brand, let's chat.

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